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Bombay Girl

FearvLoathinc CD CoverAustralasian industrial music comes of age with the release of 'Bombay Girl' from Aotearoa collective FearvLoathinc.

Developed over the period 93 - 97, FEARvLOATHINC's Bombay Girl is a cyclic rejuvenation, a fusion of ambient sounds interspliced with hard-edged electronica.

'We want to take electronic body music and fuse it with trance to produce a hypnotic, subliminal electronic body music'.

Since the group's inception in 1990, a selection of limited edition releases for radio followed, culminating in the 97 release of 'Bombay Girl'.

'Bombay Girl' is the brainchild of Johnny Chrome and features the production and engineering skills of Evan Roberts (Trasch).

"As war is fought with advanced electronic equipment, 'Bombay Girl' is our weapon in the war for the mind says" Johnny Chrome.

FEARvLOATHINC are determined not to bow to cliché's or fads but to stand true to the uncompromising tennents of Electronic body music.

Performance personnel for 1998 include Paul Szymkowiak (Moral Decay) Mal Mezweski (Emulsifier) Ven Bond and Dr VerSu V S (Uranus Moon Orchestra).

Bombay Girl is available through Obscure.